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Commercial cannabis businesses are subject to the zoning requirements laid out in Section 24.105.200 as well as the following location restrictions and requirements:

A. Commercial cannabis businesses shall not be located within sensitive use buffer zones, as established by resolution of the city council.

B. Each proposed commercial cannabis business shall:

1. Conform to the city’s general plan, any applicable specific plans, master plans, and design requirements.

2. Comply with all applicable zoning and related development standards.

3. Be constructed in a manner that minimizes odors to surrounding uses, and promotes quality design and construction, and consistency with the surrounding properties.

4. Be adequate in size and shape to accommodate the yards, walls, fences, parking and loading facilities, landscaping and all items required for the development.

5. Be served by highways adequate in width and improved as necessary to carry the kind and quantity of traffic such use will generate.

6. Be provided with adequate electricity, sewerage, disposal, water, fire protection and storm drainage facilities for the intended purpose.

7. For locations within the coastal zone, be constructed and operated in a manner that maintains public access to the coast, and avoids adverse impact to coastal resources. (Ord. No. 2021-004, § 1, 2-24-21)