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No person may engage in any commercial cannabis delivery activity within the city of San Buenaventura unless the person has all of the following:

A. Registration with the city in the form of a valid cannabis delivery service permit from the city of San Buenaventura;

B. A valid city business license;

C. A valid state seller’s permit; and

D. A state license for the retail sale of cannabis from a permitted facility that is directly linked to and responsible for the delivery activity;

and is otherwise currently in compliance with all applicable state and local laws and regulations pertaining to the commercial cannabis business, including delivery activity.

Any cannabis delivery service operating out of a physical location within the city must also obtain a cannabis business permit pursuant to Sections 6.420.190 through 6.420.370.

The grant of a cannabis delivery service permit does not create any right for the cannabis delivery service to a cannabis business permit. (Ord. No. 2021-004, § 1, 2-24-21)